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What Black Box Jammers Do?

GPS signal jammers of vehicles are often installed in the cab. By
connecting them to the vehicle’s power supply system, they can
not only prevent GPS signals in the vehicle, but also prevent ex-
ternal signals, effectively prevent GPS satellite positioning and
tracking, and protect personal whereabouts privacy and informa-
tion confidentiality.

GSM 900

Blocking 2G 925-960MHz

GSM 1800

Blocking 2G 1805-1880MHz

3G 2100

Blocking 2110-2170MHz

GPS L1/Glonass L1

Blocking 1560-1610MHz


Blocking 2400-2485MHz


Blocking 135-175MHz

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Our Customer Say

Models with focus to cover tracking & locating devices. Black Box GPS trackers are virtualy everywhere nowdays, and there is no other way to render them unusable unless they are jammed by Jammers!

The Blackbox is this fancy gizmo that’s got not one, but two cores working their magic: GPS and GSM, like a dynamic duo!

But here’s the deal, if you wanna shut down both the GPS and GSM (GPRS) in that bad boy, you gotta get yourself a jammer that can tackle ’em both. ‘Cause if you only block the GPS with some regular GPS jammer, that sneaky Blackbox will slyly switch to the built-in SIM card for active GPRS GSM positioning.

Now, I know you might be wonderin’: “Hey, if I use a GSM blocker, will it mess up my cell phone signal too?”
No worries, my friend! The GSM blocker only messes with the GSM signal, so your 4G connection is safe and sound. You can still answer calls like a champ.

Just a word to say the jammer arrived safe & sound, already tested here – knocks out the GPS tracking really well – thanks so much. Very happy – thanks again!

Carl Chavez​


My darn insurance company had the audacity to stick a black box in my car, complete with a fancy GPS that’s all up in my business, monitoring my speed and driving skills. But you know what? I showed ’em who’s boss by silently shutting down that whole nosy operation with your amazing black box jammer! Take that, insurance company!

James Elliot

Truck Driver

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